Second batch of expression commissions for Sam~ ^u^


This is how I draw female and male bodies, but I also like to mix and match them~ Making masculine women and feminine men as well as genderfluid or genderless bodies.

There’s no rule saying you have to follow this.


Specially when you’re not familiar with what you’re drawing.

Figure Drawing for all it’s worth by Andrew Loomis is pretty great and you can find a pdf here.

Hope that helps!

My car broke down and it’s super expensive to get it fixed so I’m opening commissions again to help myself not starve… orz

I’ll be opening 5 slots. Please send me an email at if you’re interested. Here are my prices and rules~

Also! If you spend $20 US dollars or over on a commission I will draw you a chibi lineart of whatever character you want for free as thanks!

1. Somekrazifreak ( Half body Colored Ganondorf and Demise, Chibi Oot Ganondorf) sketch sent

2. Sam (6 different TP Link busts lineart) Completed

3. Lindsay Ball (Two half body colored and two full body colored) sketch sent

4. Christine (Half body lineart of OC) Completed

5. Victoria (Full Body Colored of WoW Charas) sketch sent

Update: My slots are filled! Thank you so much everyone! nwn


Little blue birdie and bby!

Little blue birdie and bby!

This is a little treat for myself~ +u+

After finishing this commission I realized this could be part of a Zelda dating game~

If only~ =u=

Hitting on girls = Hitting on your senpai~


What if Navi said “Yooooo” instead of “Hey Listen!”? :0

Ganlink commission for Lara! UvU
I had way too much fun with this haha! 

Ganlink commission for Lara! UvU

I had way too much fun with this haha! 

I fought Ganondorf again to try out the fishing rod glitch because I wanted to see if it was real.

IT WAS REAL! And let me tell you it basically took away all the seriousness of the battle. I was reduced to a giggling mess hehe!

I love it!